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Initial Public Offering

Looking to raise interest free capital for your company to achieve Corporate Goals?

IPO stands for Initial Public Offering. When a company issues its shares to the public for the first time, thereby raising interest free capital, it is called an IPO. There are numerous stages in an IPO, after which the company gets listed on the Stock Exchanges, the major ones in India being NSE and BSE.

Ekadrisht expertise lies in SME IPO i.e. IPO of Small & Medium Enterprises. Ekadrisht as a Merchant Banker, performs the entire IPO process, starting from understanding company’s business and goals, issue structuring, due diligence, preparing DRHP and RHP, IPO marketing from scratch, until the Listing Day. Ekadrisht establishes long term relationship with the client even after IPO completion, acting as Financial Advisor.

Exit Offer


Do you want to increase/decrease your stake in your Company?


When a Listed company wants to get Delisted, the promoter of the company gives an opportunity to its existing shareholders to take exit from the company before delisting. The shareholders can sell their shares according to the price determined as per specific valuation of the company. Compliances play an important role here, making it one of the challenging Merchant Banking services.

Our role lies in preparation of all documents, filing them with the Stock Exchanges, getting their approvals and managing all compliances.

Rights Issue


Are looking to raise capital for your Listed Company without taking loan from Banks?


Rights Issue is a process where a company gives rights to its existing shareholders to buy more securities or convertible debt of that company on a Pre-Determined and Discounted price for a specific period. We handle the compliances with legal formalities, makes strategies for the process, prepares the documents and gets approval from the Exchange.

Preferential Allotment


Do you want to raise funds in a quicker way for your Listed company?


Preferential Allotment is a process where companies even after getting listed, allots its shares to new investors on a preferential basis at a pre-determined price. Preferential allotment can be done for both Listed and Unlisted companies, thereby issuing new shares to existing or new shareholders.

We identify and approaches investors, maintains liaison with Stock Exchanges, structures entire preferential issue of the companies and guides them in meeting compliances.

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