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Angel Funding

Angel Funding or Seed Funding is a process whereby High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) or companies pool money to provide financial backing to small companies or small start-ups in exchange for convertible debt or equity ownership. These HNIs or companies are called Angel Investors. They generally use their own money to invest in companies.

Ekadrisht as a Merchant Banker Identifies Angel Investors according to Company’s Funding Requirement, Making Client Presentation, Proof Reading & Finalizing Term Sheet and Disbursement of Fund.

Venture Capital


If you are a start-up & you need financial help, then you must know this!

Venture Capital is a type of Private Equity, focusing on financing early stage companies which have high potential for long term growth. Venture Capital comes from affluent investors, investment banks and other financial institutions. It adds value to the start-ups and small businesses that brings forth innovation, generating above-average returns.

Ekadrisht works towards Identifying Venture Capitalists who could invest in companies, prepares respective financial models & presentations and follows every step until the disbursement of fund is done.

Private Equity

Do you know Private Companies can raise funds & achieve their business goals without listing on stock exchanges?

Private Equity refers to investments made in private companies, helping in financing unlisted companies with high potential for growth. PE Investments are done by big portfolio companies, institutional investors and HNIs in mature or stable businesses in return for ownership stake. In India, Private Equity is categorized under Category II Alternative Investment Fund. There are two types of Private Equity: Leverage Buyout & Venture Capital.

Ekadrisht commences its role right from Identifying Private Equity firms and buyers, to due diligence, preparing respective financial models & presentations and follows every step until the disbursement of fund is done.

Qualified Institutional Placement (QIPs)

Don’t want to go undergo any detailed procedure & still raise funds quickly?

QIP is a tool to raise capital in a faster way and weighs more than other capital raising tools. In QIPs, Listed companies can raise funds by issuing equity shares or non-convertible debt instruments along with warrants and convertible securities other than warrants to Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs). IPO fund raising becomes much easier increasing reliability of a company in the market as a result of involvement of a QIP.

Ekadrisht identifies the QIPs, usually Banks, Mutual Funds, SIPs, LICs, etc. and converts the leads into investors of a company going for IPO.

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