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Corporate Advisory Services


Looking to hire a Merchant Banker to value your company?


Valuation is a process by which a company’s worth is determined based on the historical and projected future financials. There are numerous methods of valuation each serving a different purpose, the most common one being Discounted Cash Flow (DCF method). Major business decisions like Mergers & Acquisitions, IPO, Delisting etc. are taken based on evaluation of fair value of equity shares of a company. It gives the investors, promoters and shareholders a clear outlook on how the company has performed and where its headed to.

Ekadrisht’s second yet very significant expertise lies in Valuation. It understands the purpose behind valuing a company, does financial analysis, applies appropriate valuation methodologies, forecasts company’s performance, analyzes industry trends and follows every step until the preparation of valuation report. Ekadrisht has done 100+ valuations including the Bangalore based Ridesharing Multinational Company- Ola Cabs.

ESOP Advisory

We have a way for you to retain your Highly Professional Employees!

ESOP refers to Employee Stock Ownership Plan. It is a kind of incentive which companies provide to their Highly Qualified and Professional Employees whom they want to retain for a long term period. They provide stock at a price lower than the market rate, thereby, indirectly providing them a stake in the company in return for their services and time.

Ekadrisht determines Fair Valuation of the Shares at which they will be issued to the employees, prepares valuation report, obtains ESOP certifications and manages & advises all compliance related work.

Compliance Healthcheck


Are you worried about meeting your company’s legal requirements with government authorities?


Compliance Healthcheck is a procedure to ensure that the company has met all the regulatory requirements & compliances. It checks the status of governance and filings of the company with government bodies like Income Tax (IT) Department, Registrar of Companies (RoC), etc. Necessary actions also form a part of the procedure in case of any mistakes.

Ekadrisht scrutinizes the last 5-10 years financials of company and finds errors & loopholes in meeting compliances during a particular period. It conducts due diligence of the company in matters relating to regulatory authorities like IT Department, RoC, GST, etc. along with takeovers. It then prepares final report and also suggests solutions to make amends

Fairness Opinion Certificate

Do you want to re-check a valuation report done by another firm?


Fairness Opinion Certificate is provided after a Valuation report prepared by another Valuer has been proof-read & reconfirmed. Ekadrisht prepares Fairness Opinion Certificate to re-check valuation reports prepared by other Valuers and also reconfirms the same.

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