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Mergers & Acquisitions

Looking for a reliable team to handle your M&A Deals and Targets?

Merger happens when two companies of similar size combine to become one and operate as a single entity. Whereas, when a bigger company acquires a smaller company, declaring itself as a new owner, it is said to be an Acquisition. There can be various reasons behind an M&A, few of the important ones being to cut down competition by acquiring, to acquire/merge for company growth or to create synergies by mergers.

Ekadrisht plays a significant role in any M&A Transaction i.e. Valuation. It handles the entire process of M&A Deal initiating from establishing fair value of companies, preparing paper documents, filing them with stock exchanges, getting in principle approval, due diligence until the funds are disbursed. M&A process is bigger than even an IPO issue and usually goes on for a longer period of time.


Are you thinking of splitting your Company?

When one company splits off into one or more divisions, either to sell them off or to operate as a separate entity, it is called a Demerger. Demergers are the reverse of Mergers & Acquisitions. Among various reasons behind this process, Companies generally go for demergers to increase their shareholder value, reduce risk or to pre-tackle an issue which is yet to enter the equity market.

Ekadrisht prepares the scheme of arrangement, submits them & also takes approval from NCLT (National Company Law Tribunal), files application with BSE & NSE for listing of the shares of the resulting company, etc. thereby exercising the most significant role in Demerger.


Are you looking to convert your Listed company to a Private one?

The process by which a Listed Company gets permanently removed from the Stock Exchanges is called Delisting. The company can no longer trade in the stock market and the promoter gets back 100% shareholding of the delisted company. Among other reasons behind Delisting, it usually happens due to bankruptcy, desire to convert to a private company, insufficient market capitalization, etc.

Ekadrisht starts by conducting due diligence, structuring entire delisting process, verifying promoter’s shareholdings, collecting data of required number of shareholders, submitting report to exchanges, obtaining in principle approval, evaluating exit price, assisting in sending final offer letter until the disbursement of fund is done.

Open Offer


Do you want another way to raise capital for your company?


When the promoter of a company wants to acquire more equity stake or increase its shareholding of the company, he/she is entitled to give an open offer (upto 75% holding) to its existing shareholders above a certain market rate or at a premium. 

Ekadrisht conducts due diligence, structures the modalities of Offer, verifies RoC documents and compliances, co-ordinates with the Stock Exchanges, arrangement of funds through verifiable means, reviews required SAST compliance, assists in opening of escrow accounts, DP account, special account, etc., prepares and submits Draft Letter, and provides with all other steps until all the open offer related formalities are met.

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