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Loans from Banks & Financial Institutions

Do you want someone to help you raise loans from banks easily?

Banks and Financial Institutions provides loans to various entities based on their financial structure, collaterals, eligibility criteria, Utilization of Funds and Purpose of Borrowing Funds.

Ekadrisht helps in the entire loan borrowing process starting from Loan Sanctions, checking company’s financials, preparing documents for loans, assessing eligibility criteria and loan amount, negotiation with banks for best interest rates and processing fees, entire documentation, one-time settlement and disbursement. Ekadrisht has tie ups with banks of India providing loan sanctioning services.

Debentures Issue

Looking for an alternative to Borrowing funds from Banks without any restrictions?

Debentures are long term financial instruments issued by a company to raise capital from public at a fixed rate of interest. They are backed by creditworthiness and good will of the company. They are not secured by any collateral. Few of them can be converted to equity shares and their issue process is similar to that of IPO.

Ekadrisht helps in due diligence, formulation of strategies for issuance of debentures, marketing, preparation of offer documents according to legal compliances, identifies appropriate debt instruments to be issued, files documents with the Exchange and handholds the entire process of Issuance.

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